About me

My name is Paula Sánchez-Friera. I am a solar energy enthusiast and I believe that the future is bright for PV!

My background is in solid state physics (PhD by the University of York, UK).

In 2002 I started working for the PV industry, first at an SME in Italy and then as a researcher at the R&D department of Isofotón, one of the leading PV cell and module European manufacturers at the time.

I was initially part of the crystalline silicon cell development group, participating in projects for the development of in-line screen-printing diffusion, optimized metallization and cell development on thin and low-cost silicon substrates, including bifacial cells.

Afterwards I was responsible for the module technology area, where I looked into different ways to optimize the quality and reliability of PV modules, through new materials and processes for interconnection and encapsulation, aiming at reducing the cell-to-module power losses and improving manufacturing yields.

Finally, I moved to the PV systems area, where I worked on projects related to system design, energy yield simulations, monitoring of PV performance and investigation of degradation mechanisms, for crystalline silicon modules and also other technologies such as concentration PV.

In addition, I managed European funded projects in collaboration with research organizations and universities such as ISC Konstanz, ECN, Fraunhofer ISE, TÜV Rheinland, INES-CEA, IMEC, ZSW, Ciemat, Cener, IES-UPM, UMA, among others.

In 2012 I joined the technology centre Idonial as R&D manager, participating in multiple projects among which I particularly enjoyed several with the solar encapsulant manufacturer STR.

During this time, I also worked as a professor at the International University of Andalucía, where I taught classes in a MSc on Solar PV Energy and I supervised many student projects.

I also started an active collaboration with several agencies of the European Commission, participating in the evaluation and monitoring of R&D projects.

In 2020, I started offering different services to the PV sector as a freelance consultant under the brand name Solkeys.